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John Heart Jackie - We Are Gold Mounds (CD)

Released August 3, 2010

1. Morning Overture 01:27
2. Gold Mounds 04:05
3. Hook In My Arm 03:12
4. Deep As Whales 03:44
5. For Olivia (be fine) 04:00
6. Marilyn Monroe 02:20
7. What Came Before 04:53
8. You've Been On My Mind 03:57
9. The Canyons 02:46


John Heart Jackie is Jennie Wayne (voice, guitars, pianos, mountain dulcimer, accordion, tambourine) & Peter Murray (voice, guitars, bass, pianos, percussion, auto harp, melodica.).

With Ryan Dobrowski (drums, percussion), Lizzie Adelsheim (cello), Mat Davidson (saw, mandolin), Luke Reynolds (pedal steel), Luke Ydstie (upright bass) and Mark Stock (drums).

All songs written by John Heart Jackie. Recorded by Peter Murray in Dundee and Portland, Oregon in the spring of 2010. Mixed by Gregg Williams. Mastered by John McCaig. Cover photographs by Ben Moon. Inside photographs by Peter Murray. Design by Iosca Industries.

Thanks to Abbey Ridge Vineyards, Dave Friedlander, Ben Moon, Philip Iosca, Hockey, Blind Pilot, Pink Martini, the brilliant musicians who played on this record, all our friends and family.